About Us

At Holistic for Pets, our mission is to enlighten and educate pet lovers everywhere and give them the means to act on their new-found knowledge about the importance of quality food in their pets' diets. We all love our pets and our pets give us unconditional love in return. We want our pets to live long and happy lives. It is just as true for our pets as it is for us: they are what they eat and good health starts from the inside.
It is our earnest desire to help you find the food and/or supplements that work best for your pet's unique needs. But we go further than just nutrition; we also want to help you find the best and safest ways to transport your pet, to protect your pet from pests and parasites, and to offer holistic and homeopathic solutions for behavioral and health conditions.


We love our customers from Sarasota areas around FruitvilleFordvilleSouth Gate RidgeSouthgateSarasota SpringsLakewood RanchMatoaka, and Utopia!

Come visit our pet supply store in Sarasota, FL specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for cats and dogs.